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What Is at Stake in Venezuela's Reform Referendum?

Venezuela's constitutional referendum is scheduled for early December. Opposition parties remain divided over what strategy to adopt in an uphill battle. While some of the criticism views the proposed changes through the lens of procedural democracy, there is an apprehension that substantive democracy is likely to be eroded with the president monopolising power and wielding greater executive authority.

The United States and India

Letter from America The United States and India There is a consensus among the US policy elites on where India stands in relation to the US and what India should mean to the US in the future. Does the Indian elite agree with such a vision?

Gender Agenda of Pink Tide in Latin America

With the ascent of moderate to left leaders across Latin America, women are in the public spotlight. Although they are assuming greater levels of leadership, the question is whether these new governments genuinely address the rights of women. To ensure that women do not fare worse than before, alongside equality a change in the gender division of labour is necessary so that they do not end up bearing the triple burden of housework, wage work, and activism.

Democracy and Reform

The process of reforming the constitution to better reflect the interests of all groups and people, through an elected constituent assembly, has followed different trajectories in Bolivia and Venezuela, demonstrating the challenges of initiating, effecting and implementing major changes in society.

US Congress and Iraq War

The US House of Congress voted to end the Iraq war, a vote that was vetoed by president George Bush. However, the interest of the Democratic Party, which has a slim majority in Congress, is not to ensure an end to the occupation but to increase its tally in 2008.

The Killer as Auteur

Cho Seung-Hui's cold-blooded shooting down of several of his fellow students and professors speaks to certain issues that have come to constitute in certain respects the quality of American life today: the nature of freedom, the persistence of loneliness amidst intimacy, and the overarching importance attached to "image", thanks to the power of visual technology.

Protecting the Empire

As the US seeks to establish its fighting capability in space, it continues to increase its military bases around the world. And given its desire to contain Iran's nuclear ambitions, keep an eye on Pakistan's radical elements and provide a counter to China, the US is naturally considering a closer relationship with India.

Debating the Future of Political Parties in Venezuela

The proposal by Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez to unite all the parties supporting him into a single united front has started a debate in the country about the relevance of political parties and their role in social change. Perhaps community-based organisations are more in tune with present-day reality.

Documentary Phenomenon

The renaissance of documentary filmmaking in the US is a hopeful sign that politics may yet have something of a future in a country dominated by dreary and mind-numbing discussions of the presence or lack of what is called the bipartisan spirit.

250,000 Are Not Enough

President George Bush's decision to increase US troop strength in Iraq has found few supporters and will only make things worse.

Challenges from Asia

Asia poses a number of major challenges to US foreign policy, but neither the White House nor the Congress is capable of addressing these challenges.


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