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Database of Keralite-Academic Diaspora

The Kerala State Higher Education Council is building up Database of Keralite-Academic Diaspora of Scientists, Social Scientists and Humanities Experts, Medical Professionals Technocrats/CEOs of Multinational Establishments, Economists, Environment/Biochemistry/ Sustainability/ Resilience/Disaster Management Experts working in the famous Universities and Research Institutions the world over and specializing in emerging areas of knowledge

Key Objectives

✓ Attract, share, involve, integrate and incorporate Keralite-Academics in advanced fields of science, technology, and social sciences for the quality enhancement in higher education institutions in Kerala

✓ Effectively implement the Erudite-Scholar in Residence cum Brain Gain programme

✓ Launch the programme of brain circulation by bringing the experts as short-term teachers, part-time collaborators, and co-supervisors in researches in the universities

✓ Locate experts in science-tech hybrid fields relevant to the transformation of higher education to knowledge economy and enhancement of the states’ intellectual property contributions

✓ Establish communication directly with the experts who possess the expertise

✓ Identify experts in high-tech industries and invite them for generating ideas for the reconstitution of the curricula of the higher education institutions

✓ Provide advisory support to the government by using the above database in relevant matters of expertise

The council invites Scholars for registering their names on the web portal using this link or visit

(Individuals can also nominate scholars using the same link )

The Kerala State Higher Education Council

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