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Shutting Out Palestine

Israel’s exclusionary nationality law is a reflection of the growing nationalist idiom worldwide.

Israel has stirred outrage by enacting a harsh law of exclusion—called “Israel, the nation state of the Jewish people”—that aspires to shut the Palestinians out of their homeland for all of time. Established governments have summoned up words of condemnation that are typically followed by shrugs of indifference. Indifference may be the only course available when strategic realities militate against any intervention in the defence of justice. The world has long got used to the idea that an Israel that is enjoying unconditional backing from the world’s sole superpower, and is deploying military might that is more than a match for any combination of potential adversaries, cannot be challenged on the battlefield. Nor can it be challenged on the moral plane, since Israel’s entire history has been one of impunity, of trampling every accepted principle of the humane treatment of civilians.

At the current juncture, there may be a deeper cause for global indifference, since Israel shows the way ahead for a world going out of joint, where older values are abandoned for antiquated notions of ethnic and racial privilege. Israel embodies the hollowness of the promises made since the age of Enlightenment, when universal republican values were conceived as the remedy for every inherited iniquity.

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Updated On : 31st Jul, 2018
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