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Prospects and Case for Employment of Women in Indian Cities

in Indian Cities Heather Joshi Adult women are becoming an increasing proportion of India's urban population. For this reason alone, as well as likely increases in female participation rates, there is a growing female labour force and a need for accelerated recruitment of women to urban employment Arguments against reserving jobs for men include the increasing burden of urban overhead expenditure if only males are economically active, raising urban family living standards and the encouragement of lower fertility, if women get some of the jobs.

Trends in Rural Unemployment in India-An Analysis with Reference to Conceptual and Measurement Problems

An Analysis with Reference to Conceptual and Measurement Problems K N Raj This paper is divided into three parts: first, a review of the concepts and methods proposed for measurement of rural unemployment; second, a brief comment on the available data relating to India; and third, an interpretation of the findings from these data in the light of the institutional changes that have been taking place within the rural sector of the Indian economy.

Settlements, People and Jobs

Nigel Harris As a result of the unprecedented growth of the world economy since the Second World War, there has been a systematic increase in the expectation of life at birth and in the general health status. This achievement has, however, been interpreted as a catastrophe: The system's capacity to employ, let alone house, the people it has ensured stay alive has been shrinking.
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