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Economies of Improving Technical Education

Given the extreme shortage of engineers and skilled workers in 1947, the emphasis on massive expansion of facilities for technical education and training in the period 1955-66 was inevitable.

Education and Social Change

Education and Social Change Iravati Karve Education in the older sense is a transmission of culture of a tribe or society. The more effective such an education is the more conservative it is; any change is the result of accidents of transmission and reception.

Values and Economic Development

This paper explores the relationship between economic growth and the structure of values and motives in developing societies. Part I deals with the set of data on the relationship between values and economic growth, presented in McClelland's studies of achievement motivation.' An outdated perspective which regards the international stratification system as the expression of inherent differences between peoples and cultures, has resulted in an erroneous interpretation of data. A more meaningful picture of the data is then presented in terms of the dynamics of social change.
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