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Agricultural Growth and Rural Poverty-Some Lessons from Past Experience

Some Lessons from Past Experience C H Hanumantha Rao There is a strong complementary relationship between the growth of agricultural output and employment generation in Indian agriculture because of the existence of large underutilised resources such as land and labour.

Performance and Prospects of Crop Production in India

in India A Vaidyanathan This is an admittedly pessimistic assessment of the prospects for accelerating agricultural growth, at any rate in the next decade, A degree of optimism may welt have been justified a decade back. At that time, it seemed that given the abysmally low productivity and technological level of Indian agriculture, rapid growth should be relatively easy to achieve by a combination of massive investments in irrigation and fertilisers, supported by extension and credit The advent of the HYVs in the mid-sixties lent greater confidence to this view.

Capitalist Domination and the Small Peasantry-Deccan Districts in the Late Nineteenth Century

Deccan Districts in the Late Nineteenth Century Jairus Banaji This paper argues that the positions of those who hold the view that the Indian countryside is still to a large extent dominated by 'precapitalist' relationships of a 'semi-feudal' variety rest on an erroneous conception of 'intervention in the process of production, on a failure to explore and understand properly Marx's view of the relationships in question and, finally, on a failure to analyse concretely the systems of production that actually prevailed in various parts of the country as early as the nineteenth century.
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