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Articles By Imtiaz Ahmad

Roots of Secularism

Secularism, Communalism and the Intellectuals by Zaheer Baber; Three Essays Collective, Gurgaon, 2006; IMTIAZ AHMAD Secularism continues to be hotly debated in India, but the terrain over which that debate takes place has become greatly circumscribed. It takes place now around two salient themes: whether secularism has a place in Indian cultural and religious ethos, and whether the adoption of secularism as a state credo has been generative of communal conflicts. This is broadly also the central concern of Zaheer Baber

Why Is the Veil Such a Contentious Issue?

Wearing of the veil among the Arabs, much after the spread of Islam, was more a matter of social status than a religious injunction. It was only later, when western colonial rhetoric began touting the veil as an expression of Muslim backwardness, that it began to be seen as a symbol of retaliation against colonial arrogance. Besides, is the opposition to it out of a concern for women's rights or is it a desire to conform to western thinking?