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The US ’ s unwillingness to pressurise Israel dims the prospect of ceasefire amid unabated horrors in Gaza.

There is a growing attack on the entire idea of redistribution, with social benefits being decried as freebies even as the super-rich are praised as wealth creators.

Israel’s belligerence with impunity threatens to precipitate a regional war with global consequences.

The US position on the implementation of the UNSC resolution transitions from a rules-based order to anarchy.

Despite the global majority’s censure, Israel and its backers persist with their destructive designs.

The new coaching guidelines make the grey shadow education market legal.

Seemingly contradictory perceptions of political reality have forced a realignment between the BJP and JD(U).

Technocratic solutions without adequate capacity building will penalise the workers unjustly.

Beneath the drama, a new climate finance system emerged and began being operationalised.

The movement from an uncontrolled confrontation to managed competition is a welcome sign.

The vote on UNGA resolution shows that the US and Israel are isolated in their intent to continue this war.

The Court has now placed the responsibility of enacting marriage equality on the legislature.

A spate of hospital deaths in Nanded is an outcome of a crippled public health system due to multiple deficiencies.

The socio-economic data along with caste figures may lead to revisiting material questions underlying caste–class inequality.

The IMEC is an attempt by the US to achieve its larger plans to merge West Asia with South Asia.