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Misplaced Accent on External Balance

Phiroze B Medhora The analysis of the inefficiencies of the Indian economic system by Jagdish Bhagwati and Padma Desai is focused almost exclusively on the international trade account, when in fact the causes of India's difficulties have to be sought elsewhere.

The Theory of Efficient Neocolonialism

Amiya Bagchi This article, and the three others which follow it, attempt to critically examine the approach to development planning suggested by Jagdish Bhagwati and Padma Desai in their book "India; Planning for Industrialisation" which is one of the series of studies of Industrialisation and Trade Policies sponsored by the OECD.

Neglect of Implications of Self-Sufficiency Goal

V V Desai It is argued in this paper that the weaknesses in the economic framework to which Jagdish bhagwati and Padma Desai devote so much attention are not inherent to this framework but flowed from the imperfect understanding of the development process on the part of the Indian planners. It is further argued that the alternative framework suggested by Bhagwati and Desai is inconsistent with the basic objectives of our Plans and cannot be expected to be more efficient.

Indian Industrialisation Fact and Fiction

Yoginder K Alagh This paper first summarises briefly the well documented and very depressing story of the economic administration of industries in India.
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