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Economics, Economists and Policy-Makers-Some Preliminary Hypotheses

Some Preliminary Hypotheses Arun Shourie Indian economists have shared with the rest of the elite the assumption that radical change is fust not possible in India. They have supplemented this assumption with another one: that such marginal change as is possible can only be brought about by a handful of policy-makers

China and India-A Comparative Survey of Performance in Economic Development

A Comparative Survey of Performance in Economic Development Thomas E Weisskopf Ever since India's Independence in 1947 and Chinas Liberation in 1949, the two nations have invited comparison. Each is of continental size, with an enormous population; each entered the post-War era of development as a predominantly agrarian society, with an extremely low level of per capita output and correspondingly widespread poverty.

Some Characteristics of Industrial Growth in India

in India A K Bagchi Despite the growth of large-scale industries in India since the 1850s, the country can hardly be said to have experienced industrialisation in the modern period. An active process of industrialisation must be marked at least by systematic increases in two ratios: the ratio of industrial output to total national income and the ratio of the working force employed in secondary industry to the working force available for employment.

Intersectoral Flow of Consumer Goods-Some Preliminary Results

Some Preliminary Results Sudipto Mundle This paper presents some preliminary results of an exercise in assessing the net flow of consumer goods between the agricultural and the non-agricultural sectors of the Indian economy since 1951-52.
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