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Export-Oriented Agriculture and Food Security in Developing Countries and India

in Developing Countries and India Utsa Patnaik The set of economic policies labelled economic liberalisation, stabilisation and structural adjustment adopted by developing countries over the last 15 years have had and are having a profound impact on the nature of the development process in these countries, and especially on their food security. It is the aspect of food security as affected by food availability and income shifts which is the focus of this paper.

Agricultural Development-Imperatives of Institutional Reform

Imperatives of Institutional Reform A Vaidyanathan This paper underscores the crucial importance of institutional reform, particularly in the domain of public systems, for sustained technical progress and output growth in agriculture. The scope for privatisation is limited in irrigation, research and extension and other infrastructure facilities. All of these will continue to be mainly the responsibility of the public sector. Unless the public sector's efficiency in mobilising resources and managing these facilities is vastly improved, trade and price policy reform will not make a significant difference to the pace of agricultural growth.

Should Domestic Prices be Equated to World Prices

to World Prices? Prabhat Patnaik Much has been written in criticism of the neoclassical proposition that a country's domestic prices should be equated to world prices. The assumptions on which it is based have also been much criticised.
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