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Israel and Tropical Africa

This article, published in the February 1965 issue of Economic Weekly, is an interesting take on technical assistance of Israel to tropical African countries - a few years before the 1967 war in Nigeria.

Form and Substance in Indian Politics

From April to June 1961, a series of six articles by Rajni Kothari were published in The Economic Weekly. These articles titled "Form and Substance in Indian Politics" covered panchayat Raj, instititions of parliamentary government, party system and prospects of democracy - all affecting the political life of the 17-year old democracy. These articles established his path breaking and innovative approach to studying Indian politics. EPW presents these essays collectively to commemorate the legacy of Rajni Kothari.

Historical Roots of Mass Poverty in South Asia

EPW brings you this essay from the archives where historian Tapan Raychaudhuri traces the roots of mass poverty in India, as we know it today, to the new institutional framework of agriculture introduced after 1813 which deprived small holders of nearly all their surplus.

Tamil Cultural Elites and Cinema

The arrival of the talkies in Tamil in the 1930s confronted the Tamil elite with a challenge in that while they were implicated in the cinematic medium in more than one way, they, in retaining their exclusive claim to high culture, had to differentiate their engagement with cinema from that of the subalterns. This essay discusses how the Tamil elite negotiated this challenge by deploying notions of realism, ideology of uplift and a series of binaries which restored the dichotomy of high culture and low culture within the cinematic medium itself.

In the Shadow of the Bomb

The year 1964 saw China's first nuclear bomb test being conducted at Lop Nor. This article, published in the 31 October 1964 issue of the Economic Weekly, discusses the changing political alignments that India would witness as a result of China's nuclear device testing.

China's Bomb and Disarmament

This article, published in the 31 October 1964 issue of the Economic Weekly, came at a time when India was debating the cost and efficacy of a nuclear bomb programme.

Who are the Guilty?

It has been thirty years since the brutal anti-Sikh riots of 1984 in Delhi. EPW republishes this report of civil society organisations who investigated into the carnage. The report found that the riots were the outcome of a well-organised plan marked by both acts of omission and commission by important politicians from Congress (I) as well as from the administration.

Panchayats and Interest Groups

This article, published in the 19 September 1964 issue of EPW, shows how Panchayati Raj had wide ranging effects of caste dynamics and class relations in villages of Bengal.

Regional Feelings Prevail

FROM THE LONDON END Regional Feelings Prevail In a remarkable analogy to recent trends in India, this week's “mini election” in Britain has shown strong support for regionalism. The Wilson Government will now have to seriously consider decentralising Government within the United Kingdom if it is to...

The Politics and Economics of "Intermediate Regimes"

The discussion on "intermediate regimes" was carried out in the pages of the EPW through the mid 70s. We present one of the earliest essays on "intermediate regimes" by K N Raj for our readers.

Jawaharlal Nehru and the Capitalist Class, 1936

Bipan Chandra's contribution to the understanding of modern India and communalism has engaged generations of scholars. We, at EPW , present this special article that he wrote in the August 1975 issue, on Jawaharlal Nehru and his "Marxist" position.


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