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When reintroduced, will the FRDI Bill address the issues of financial instability?   .
The Supreme Court has made no attempt to check the irregular imposition of internet shutdowns in J&K.

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Survey evidence from rural North India showing persistent solid fuel use despite increases in liquefied petroleum gas ownership is presented.


Between 2010 and 2019, the Supreme Court of India has suffered a credibility crisis not seen since the 1970s, with its reputation for independence and institutional strength lying in tatters.

Book Reviews

Caste Matters by Suraj Yengde, Gurugram: Penguin Random House India, 2019; pp 325, ₹ 599.

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Tracing the genealogy of the scientific claim that Indian lung capacity is deficient vis-à-vis the “European norm,” it is argued that the pathologisation of the Indian lung that once justified colonial-era segregation has made a troubling contemporary return, producing state imperceptibility of pollution-induced illness.

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The process of Vikalp Sangam (Alternatives Confluence) involves visioning of an ideal built on grounded initiatives, spanning the full range of alternative approaches to justice, equity, and sustainability.
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