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Notes towards a China Policy

how have a friendly Bangla Desh and in the West a weak Pakistan, the strength of the Indian Army is unlikely to he reduced. As already Indicated, a weak Pakistan, because of its internal instability, is likely to be seen as a continuing threat to India. Any attempt by Pakistan to get aligned with Iran and Afghanistan on the basis of Islam will also create disquiet in India. Moreover, suspicion of China has been aroused again in India. Under these circumstances no political leadership will risk a reduction in troop strengths.

Towards a New Equilibrium in Asia

change by mouthing the relevant slogans and winning a massive mandate on the basis of a radical programme. Whether it is able to fulfil all its promises or not, it has certainly changed the political culture of Pakistan to an appreciable degree. Pakistani society can never be the same again, The PPPs major drawback is that while it represents Punjab and Sind, it had not been able to do well in the elections in the NWFP and Baluchistan. But the forces of change in these two provinces are working through the National Awami Party (NAP) which has a longer history of relevant radicalism than even the PPP. If an understanding can be arrived at between the PPP and NAP and the two smaller provinces can be accommodated in Pakistan's new power structure, Pakistan's problems of national integration as well as social change may become much easier than they seem to be on the surface.

Indian Security after Bangla Desh

important than economic assistance, which India can offer only in limited quantities, is the political support we can provide to strengthen the concept of freedom and independence in this area. One thing is certain, if South- East Asia is swallowed up by any one of the big Asian powers or divided between any two of them in the way of spheres of influence, there will be no equilibrium in Asia but only overlord- ship and consequent conflicts.
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