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Food Imports Why and for Whom

N K Chandra Once again India is importing foodgrains on a massive scale. Are these imports entirety due to poor harvests? Could not have alternative domestic policies drastically reduced, if not eliminated, imports of foodgrains in the past?

The Paupers of Kholisabhita Hindupara-Report on a Famine

Report on a Famine Amrita Rangasami This report on famine conditions in a flood-affected village in Goalpara district of Assam investigates whether there had been deaths in the village as a result of famine and examines how far the famine had been caused by the ceasing altogether of the economic activity upon which the village had been dependent for its subsistence

NeededA New Famine Policy

Morris David Morris The objective of famine policy should not be to preserve the stock of assets or even the level of income. The 'trigger' should respond only when consumption falls below some given level of calorie intake.
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