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Trade Promotion through Debt-Seryicing

Neither more aid nor vigorous export promotion is a complete answer to the balance of payments problem of the developing countries. A larger flow of aid and foreign capital to the developing countries brings in its wake the problem of debt-servicing which, in turn, requires a sharp expansion of exports at some future date. But expansion of exports to the developed countries is not just a matter of vigorous export promotion by the developing countries or liberalisation of trade policies by the developed countries.

Land and the People-Some Meanings of Kinship in Village India

Acquiring and .supporting a wide range of kin relations is an ideal throughout village India; the pur- suit of the ideal explains and rationalises a man's quest and approach to power. A villager's status in his jati and through his jati in the village community depends in considerable part on the kin whom he can mobilise as allies and supporters.

The Plan Frame and the Motive Power

The central thesis underlying D R Gadgil's assessment of the present economic situation and his prescriptions for the future is that the shape and direction of economic policy are largely the result of influence of vested interests in private business and trade. He recommends a comprehensive regulatory framework in order to curtail and regulate the work and influence of this section.

Planning without a Policy Frame

a point of view regarding the present working of the Indian economy and the possibility of giving it a definitive direction. It is necessary for the purpose to present a comprehensive and an integrated picture; limits of space make it impossible to do this in full detail. Also, it is not possible to argue each point. Inevitably the note will appear to be full of summary jottings and obiter dicta. An advance apology is tendered for this defect.

Coastal Andhra Towards an Affluent Society

/ came back to Andhra in August 1966 for the first time since 1959. The pur post of my journey was to see how the coastal region of Andhra contrasted with the shortage areas in which I had just been travelling, namely, northern Bihar, lower Bengal and inland Orissa. About these regions where some people were eating only two meals a day and a few

Second Thoughts on Indian Planning

The time has come for intellectuals to take an active interest in the debate on social and economic issues. If we are not to get lost in totally irrelevant questions, we should go beyond whether the Fourth Plan outlay ought to he Rs 23,750 crores or whether Rs 18,000 crores would be more realistic" and ask:

Perspectives on External Assistance

Economic, development of the underdeveloped countries is not merely an economic process; it is an integral part of a wider social process of nation building. Further, this process of nation building is inter- related with the process of evolving an international community.
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