Debate Kits

This resource kit attempts to enumerate upon the diversity, practice, history and challenges of Tribes across the states of India.

This repository covers over 100 articles related to many perspectives of the privacy debate.

This debate kit explores the alternatives offered by Dalit-Bahujan discourse to the prevalent dominant Brahmanical discourses in popular culture, literature and cinema. Scholars have argued that the dominant forms of art have marginalised the caste....

The Freedom of Speech and Expression is a fundamental right guaranteed to all citizens under the Constitution of India. However, the Constitution does not guarantee an absolute individual right to freedom of expression.

This repository explores the current debates on the Indian agricultural sector, featured in the pages of EPW.

The digital is no longer just the future. It is a present fractured by unequal access to resources, knowledge, and social capital. This resource kit brings together 170+ articles on the COVID-19 crisis published in EPW this year.

In this resource kit, we cover 10 aspects of public health that have received scholarly attention in the pages of the EPW between 2014 and 2020.

Navigate this timeline to know how the events in the textile industry in Bombay (now Mumbai) transformed the city, the lives of workers, and the nature of politics in the last three decades of the 20th century.

In this debate kit, we have used over 130 articles, published in the Economic & Political Weekly in the last 35 years, to put together 8 facets of the debate on the Mandal Commission and OBC reservations.

What has been the focus of the feminist movement in the last decade?

Explore this feature to discover how India fared in 2019 in terms of elections, institutions, protests, and people.

Join us on this interactive tour and chart the discourse on multipurpose river valley projects in India.

This debate kit aims to provide a glimpse into the major concepts and themes in scholarship from the EPW, pertaining to climate change.

What prejudices do people have against reservation policies? This interactive busts four myths.

A compilation of 50 articles from our archives addresses questions around one of the biggest experiments in Independent India.

Click on the puzzle pieces below to explore 8 important questions about the cow in India.

How can a history built on trauma, erasure and lack be gathered and articulated as a whole?

Explore the interactive based on 50 articles from the Economic and Political Weekly