Debate Kits

This debate kit aims to provide a glimpse into the major concepts and themes in scholarship from the EPW, pertaining to climate change.
What prejudices do people have against reservation policies? This interactive busts four myths.
Click on the puzzle pieces below to explore 8 important questions about the cow in India.
How can a history built on trauma, erasure and lack be gathered and articulated as a whole?
Explore the interactive based on 50 articles from the Economic and Political Weekly

Must Read

More importance should be given to recovering the stories of marginalised people who were involved in the struggle for independence.  
In India, the debates around prison reforms and rights of prisoners have been very limited. Through our three-part series we seek to initiate a debate towards prisoners’ civil and political rights....
Tagore's brand of nationalism is fundamentally rooted in the question of what it means to be human.
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