Why Men Get Away with Rape





In her article, published in the Economic & Political Weekly on 12 January 2013,  “On Impunity,” V Geetha discusses how impunity is constitutive of power in all its forms and the relishing of impunity marks the exercise of power, rendering it desirable and attractive.

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Illustrations: Chaitanya Mandugula [chaitanya@epw.in]

Curated by: Vishnupriya Bhandaram [vishnupriya@epw.in]



Read more on Sexual Violence


Sexual Violence and Culture of Impunity in Kashmir: Need for a Paradigm Shift? By Ayesha Parvez, 2014

Male Sexual Violence: Thoughts on Engagement by Romit Chowdhary, 2013

Responding to Sexual Violence: Evidence-based Model for the Health Sector by Jagadeesh Narayana Reddy

Padma Bhate-Deosthali, Sana Contractor, Sangeeta Rege, 2014

Sexual Violence and Impunity in Bastar by Freny Manekshaw, 2016

Challenging Impunity on Sexual Violence in South Asia by Navsharan Singh, Urvashi Butalia, 2012


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