What Should A Historian Do?

In recent times, there have been several conflicts in India over what constitutes historical "truth." The often violent backlash has made the act of taking a position or making a statement on the question of history doubly challenging.

Arundhati Virmani explores the social responsibility of the historian through the Annales d'Histoire Economique et Sociale in her article.



Questions of historical truth and the role of the historian are not new.



This perspective became a call for the use of the comparative method towards a denationalisation of history, free from the tangles of patriotism.

To initiate the study of the past through new historical objects, methodologies, and questions, a scientific historical journal called the Annales d’Histoire Economique et Sociale was started by Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre in 1929.





Read the full article by Arundhati Virmani published on 9 September in Vol 52, No 36, of the Economic and Political Weekly.


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