What Happened to the Environment in 2019? An EPW Quiz

What matters more, the environment or the economy? India’s current outlook on ecological conservation seems to favour the latter. Increased, unchecked urbanisation in the last decade has ignored environmental regulations, and the country’s natural resources are under even more stress—major cities, like New Delhi, are expected to run out of groundwater in 2020, and systems to ensure access to such resources are yet to be put in place. Environmental disasters, both natural and man-made, are severely affecting the country. In the last year, India has seen floods, droughts, and even extreme pollution levels that have necessitated a state of emergency. Despite this, “development” continues unhindered. 

How well versed are you with this development narrative, and with current policy on environmental conservation? 

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This quiz has been curated from the following EPW articles published in 2019:

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