What Kind of Society Do You Want? Follow This University Campus Map to Find Out

You live in  an inequitable society. 

Exclusion, unfreedom and inequality are commonplace.  

To make things better, we have to find the key to "Social Transformation," which will undo the structures of inequality

 This key can be found in the university. 

But, this chamber can only be unlocked based on how you interact with the university. 


Given the manner in which universities are being attacked, the university has become the site where the future of freedom and democracy in India are being fought. This map has been designed based on Udaya Kumar’s article, “The University and Its Outside,” which discusses how the nature of the relationship between the university and society at large determines the kind of future we want. 

Alternate visions of society are imagined in universities. Therefore, retaining the autonomy of universities is paramount. For social transformation to be more inclusive and democratic, critical thought must mediate the relationship between the university and society.  

Curated and designed by Titash Sen [titash@epw.in

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