Online Gods Ep 7: Lies and Comedy

This month we speak with Carole McGranahan about lies and Atul Khatri about comedy.

Carole McGranahan is an anthropologist and historian of Tibet and the Himalayas, and a professor at the University of Colorado. She has worked extensively on Tibet, the British empire, and the Pangdatsang family; the CIA as an ethnographic subject; contemporary US empire; the ongoing self-immolations in Tibet.

Atul Khatri is a Mumbai-based businessman who does stand-up comedy in English.

The podcast is a key initiative of the five-year research study on digital politics funded by the European Research Council (grant agreement number 714285) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. To know more about the project, contact principal investigator Sahana Udupa and for podcast-related interactions, contact the co-host Ian M Cook ​

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