Ila Mitra's Testimony of Struggle


Ila Mitra, was active, in the erstwhile united Bengal to begin with. She came into the struggle for a different kind of India which also included a different kind of social structure. The Tebhaga movement. which she was involved in was a very intense struggle, like the one in Telangana, It fought out on the question of social relations and land relations and in particular raising the question of Tebhaga as the word itself said. It took up the whole question of share, i e, share in land and share in the crop particularly. When Bangladesh invited a delegation of Tebhaga activists, people came in lakhs to see her. 

Based on the article Testimonies of Struggle, published in EPW in 1998, this feature is the first part of a series that narrates the experiences of three women in the early days of independence – Dasriben Chaudhari, from Vedchi, Swarajyam, a leader of the Telangana movement and Ila Mitra of the Tebhaga movement in West Bengal.

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