Economic & Political Weekly's 2019 Editorial Almanac

This year, the National Democratic Alliance won the 17th Lok Sabha Elections with a greater majority than before, winning 303 seats out of the total 543. Article 370 was abrogated in Kashmir, India faced acute water shortage as well as large scale floods, the economy saw a decline in its GDP figures and an increase in unemployment, economic data was manipulated and important statistics continue to be withheld, violence against women continues to be perpetrated with impunity, instances of police brutality have seen a surge, and the country is currently gripped by nation-wide student protests against the current regime. Through our weekly editorials, we have tried to make sense of it all.


Follow this timeline to view EPW’s take on the events that made 2019.


Must Read

Do water policies recognise the differential requirements and usages of water by women and the importance of adequate availability and accessibility?
Personal Laws in India present a situation where abolishing them in the interest of gender justice also inadvertently benefits the reactionary side.   
Concerns have been raised about criminalising triple talaq now that the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017 has been passed as an ordinance. This reading list is to help...
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