Dalit Politics: The dilemma of forming a dynamic alliance

In their bid to maintain political visibility, various factions of the Republican Party of India have struck up alliances with "secular" and "non-secular" parties. They have not adequately utilised the progressive undercurrents of the Dalit consciousness to connect with other deprived communities to form a dynamic coalition.

This podcast is based on the article Dalit Politics in Maharashtra that was published in EPW journal on 21st April 2012. This article is authored by Dr Harish S Wankhede. Dr Wankhede is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Political Studies at JNU, New Delhi. He has written about caste, Dalit movement, Dalit Politics in the states of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. He specialises in Political Theory, Public Institutions, Secularism and Social Justice and Cinema.

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