From Corruption to Democracy: Follow This Morality Map


You are currently in the State of Corruption. You have to travel to the Republic of Democracy.

To reach Democracy, navigate through Morality* — a cluster of islands between Corruption and Democracy. 



*Morality can be conceptualised as a state of congruence between one's self-perception and self-expression. This map is based on Gopal Guru’s article, “Two Conceptions of Morality: A Political Reading,” where he theorises this trajectory through an analysis of the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) politics in 2014. He argues that the objective that the AAP had set out with, that is, to “clean” politics, cannot be achieved if they do not change their modus operandi. 

Their moral commitment may have been about a “new politics”, but the route they have followed to achieve this has remained constrained in the typical framework of “doing politics,” where their actions have been the outcome of political thinking based on ignorance and impulse. The AAP’s assault on corruption, Guru argued, has been ad hoc and has failed to tackle corruption as a structural issue.  


Curated and designed by Titash Sen [

with inputs from Vishnupriya Bhandaram []


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