2020: A Year in Research

Every year, the Economic & Political Weekly publishes 52 issues comprising scholarship, commentary on contemporary affairs, and essays.
In this feature, we look back at the research, reports and reviews that were published in 2020. 

Sumathi Chandrashekaran breaks down the gender bias in the Indian judiciary and
Dnyandev Talule questions the Maharashtra government's need to categorise farmer suicides.
 Amman Madan stresses on the need to address inequalities in India's education system,
while Ali Ahmed decodes India’s attitude towards war and escalation.
Lastly, Swapnil Soni explains why India's economy is lagging behind other developing countries.



Interviewed by Vasuprada TM and edited by Anandita Chandra.
Special thanks to all our authors, Sumathi Chandrashekaran, Dnyandev Talule, Amman Madan, Ali Ahmed, and Swapnil Soni. 



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