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Gail Omvedt, writes Surinder S Jodhka, “was very clearly a different kind of scholar.” Born in the United States, Gail Omvedt arrived in India for the first time in 1963, stayed for a year, and came back to India in 1971 to complete her graduate-level dissertation on Jotirao Phule’s Non-Brahmin

On this episode of Research Radio we have Inderjeet Parmar discussing his paper titled “ ⁠Poly Crisis or Organic Crisis?: The Crisis of the United States and the US-led World Order⁠”. Inderjeet Parmar teaches international politics at City, University of London. Subscribe to Research Radio to stay

Visit Spurred to write on the gigantic Statue of Equality (installed near Hyderabad in February 2022) given my current interests in contemporary Hinduism and its culture, I decided to see it for myself. I chose to visit on a Sunday as soon as the complex opened at 11 AM. The Bengaluru highway after