While colleges often enable the search for more just social systems, spaces for independent thinking are shrinking and threatened by increasing majoritarianism.

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Proposals to curtail greenhouse emissions and effectively tackle climate change are castles in the air so long as climate financing remains a nebulous and elusive feature of the climate action agenda.
A historical look at India’s consumer expenditure survey reveals a rather sombre picture of development.
High tariffs, while currently necessary, will hurt the country’s economy in the long run.

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Why is it that some rape cases go on to evoke nationwide anger, while some die silent deaths?
Through a string of publicly available submissions, press statements, and other media reports, the...
The latest Doing Business (DB) 2020 report places India 63rd among 190 countries, 14 places ahead...
While governments around the world cite job losses as the reason for the lack of enthusiasm to...
While the city’s North-South Corridor (NSC) of the Lucknow metro has been functional since March...

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By inviting private capital and adopting an urbanisation plan that caters to the affluent, India’s upcoming metro systems will not be a public good aimed for the masses.
More importance should be given to recovering the stories of marginalised people who were involved in the struggle for independence.  
In India, the debates around prison reforms and rights of prisoners have been very limited. Through our three-part series we seek to initiate a debate towards prisoners’ civil and political rights....
Tagore's brand of nationalism is fundamentally rooted in the question of what it means to be human.
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