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Priorities in Educational Policy

S Shukla In the present circumstances, one can either insist on a fully democratic and modern programme of educational reconstruction and await

Student Politics and National Politics in India

Lloyd I Rudolph Susanne Hoeber Rudolph Karuna Ahmed The emergence of youth as a new political class is a consequence of the creation and prolongation of youth as a distinctive life-stage with its attendant cultures and social arrangements. This has been made possible by the relatively rapid build-up of the educational system. And it has all been supported mainly by the requirements and rewards of industrial economies for literate, knowledgeable, and skilled labour forces working away from home and family, and also the aspiration that democratic citizens should be informed and responsible.

Integration of Educational and Economic Plans

In order to integrate education into the economic plan of a country, one has necessarily to formulate answers to the questions: what numbers, and what kinds of education, are required to attain the socio- economic goals of the plan.
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