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Middle Kingdom Invites a Barbarian

has replaced state institutions as investors and suppliers of capital. There are no investment corporations as in India or elsewhere. The half-way house of 'market socialism' denies adequate opportunities for private investment and the creation of a share market or for the setting up of co-operative institutions. Private savings go into banks which in turn provide the loan capital for enterprises at high cost to the economy. These trial and error methods have brought insolvency to numerous enterprises, because the Yugoslavs have yet to learn some basic lessons about the links between capital investment and profit returns.

Mineral Development and Future of Australian Industry

Australian Industry William H Newell JAPAN imported 35 million tons of ore from Australia in 1970 and the quantity imported is expected at least to double by 1975. In addition, Australia might also supply about 10 million tons of ore to Europe by 1975. As for coal, Australia in 1967 supplied about 40 per cent of the Japanese market. In the (financial year ending March 31, 1968, 25.2 million tons were imported into Japan from Australia

SAIGON- A Prolonged War

If Chou En-lai's statement of July 22 is any guide, the most ticklish problem between China and the US going to be that of Japan and its role in Asia. China would insist that as the US is forced to leave the ports of Asia, it does not as a parting gift try to put Japan in a position to share its erstwhile role in Asia. The Japanese, unlike the Americans, have successfully ruled this part of Asia once, China's security problems are further complicated with the rise of the Japanese superstate. It is to be seen what position Presidetit Nixon takes on this question. It is difficult to see at the moment what assurances Nixon can possibly give to the Chinese on this account.
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