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Spectre of Power Shortage in the Fourth Plan

T R Venkatachalam The Draft Outline of the Fourth Plan aims to almost double the electricity {generating"capacity in the country. Yet between October 1961 and September 19606 the financial outlay on the power programme was cut twice without appropriately scaling down the physical targets of power generation and distribution

Water Management A Neglected Aspect of Indian Agriculture

Water Management: A Neglected Aspect of Indian Agriculture V K R V Rao No programme of agricultural development by way of modernisation or use of new high-yielding seed' or large inputs of fertilisers can succeed without adequate supply of water and without proper water management for agricultural purposes. This must be accompanied by an appropriate ayacut development programme which is properly the responsibility of the agricultural department in the States.

Weakest Link in Fertiliser Programme

It is pointless to talk of the fertiliser problem since the problems which face the three types of fertilisers nitrogen, phosphorous and potash

The Alloy Steels Industry-Making Up for Past Neglect

Among the factors responsible for holding back industrial development in the country, the failure to establish the alloy steel industry early enough must be rated as one of the most important.


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