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Age of Marriage of Women and Population Growth-The Kerala Experience

Population Growth The Kerala Experience Leela Gulati In Kerala increase in the age of marriage by itself did not bring down the number of children a woman had. It was the reduction in infant mortality, due partly to the shift in the age of marriage but largely to improvement in medical and public health facilities, which improved the child survival rate and this in turn seems to have influenced the number of children a woman wanted to have.

Demographic Transition in Kerala-Facts and Factors

Demographic Transition in Kerala Facts and Factors T N Krishnan This paper examines the recent trends in birth, death and infant mortality rates the three key demographic parameters which define the demographic profile of a region

Recent Trends in Indian Population Policy

Pravin Visaria An early decline in fertility is certainly a top priority national goal. Development and a vigorous family planning programme are complements and not substitutes for achieving this goal.

Development and Population

Robert Cassen This article draws on recent research to examine the inter-relationships between development and population growth in India. The first part emphasises the role of distributive development in reducing mortality and fertility; the second looks at the impact of population on that development.
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