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Cover Page

Cover Page
Drug Industry: Redesigning Strategies- Politics: BSP-BJP Games-Railways :Safety at Stake
In Reverse Gear 2495 Foreign Investment: Getting Nowhere Space: Flights of Fancy? Environment: Timely Fog Horn Politics; Congress-UF Ties 2496 Current Statistics 2498 Companies 2500 Commentary...
Urban Planning: Growing Lag Industry: Ownership Is the Issue-Disarmament: Welcome Movement 2432 Current Statistics 2434 Companies 2436 Commentary Failure of Indian Telecom Liberalisation:
Till the Next Disaster Industry: Loose Talk-Political Crime: Judiciary's Slow Ways Railways: Belling the Cat Current Statistics Companies Civil Liberties Custodial Torture
Vol XXXII No 37 September 13, 1997 Re-emergence of Janata Dal in Karnataka From its fall from power in 1989 to its re-emergence in 1994 and its success in the General Elections in 1996, the Janata...


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