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US-India Ties Need a Reset

India needs to reset its ties with the US so that they dovetail with our agenda of development.

Half to Full Pants

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh graduates; what may that mean?

India in the Madhesi Movement

India's meddling has not helped the Madhesi cause, only stoked Nepali chauvinism.

Modi's Diaspora Nationalism

When the reality of a fractured society back home gets elided into a homogeneous "people of Indian origin."

After the Lankan Elections

Sri Lankan politics has a way to go before the democratic gains of the 2015 elections are consolidated.

Divinity Goes Pop

Seamlessly weaving glamour, sensuousness and spirituality, Radhe Maa has redefined the spirituality market.

Burden of Infectious Diseases

Diseases like the H1N1 flu pose major challenges because of the continuing neglect of public health.

Natural Disasters: Equity and Coordination

The aftermath of the 2004 tsunami has thrown up issues regarding humanitarian funding.

Why Rape Victims Lose

The culture of endless delays by trial courts leads to injustice for victims.


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