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Renuka Dam

Touted as the panacea for Delhi's drinking water problem, this dam can only be constructed by breaking a host of forest and environmental laws and riding roughshod over the livelihoods of farmers in about 30 villages of Himachal Pradesh.

Wages of Capital Account Liberalisation

The government and the Reserve Bank of India have taken a series of measures in recent weeks to attract a larger volume of foreign debt capital. These measures only increase the economy's dependence on capital infl ows and make it vulnerable to outfl ows, even as they do little to deal with the basic problems underlying the fall of the rupee.

Mukhiya's Assassination

How would the victims of the atrocities perpetrated by the Ranvir Sena view the assassination of the sena's chief, Brahmeshwar Singh, alias Mukhiya?

Moving towards Semi-Fascism in West Bengal

The Trinamool Congress led by Mamata Banerjee came to power in West Bengal with a massive mandate and widespread support from all sections of the people. One year on, its report card is dismal and the state's future prospects appear even more gloomy.

Kerala: A Year of Governing Precariously

It has been a year since the United Democratic Front government took offi ce in Kerala. During this period communal forces have exercised their infl uence in government formation, and caste and sectarian mobilisation has grown. One could surmise from the policy orientation of the state government over the past year that the ascending classes now have a decisive infl uence over the agenda of development projects. While taking crucial decisions on investment priorities, the government is playing to the gallery of public opinion, which, in turn, has been taken over by special interest groups.

RTE: A Symbolic Gesture

If the government is really sincere about the Right to Education, it must put aside its neo-liberal obsession and launch a common school system for all children up to the age of 18.

BJP in Karnataka: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

In Karnataka, the Bharatiya Janata Party has been essentially thriving by working through caste - specifi cally on the consolidated support of upper caste Lingayats - and not on the basis of a broader Hindutva ideology. The irony is that the tenets of Lingayat ideology are inspired by the liberal humanism espoused by the 12th century poet-philosopher-reformer Basavanna and his followers and this philosophical position is in direct antagonism with the Hindutva ideology. But then "Basava Dharma" as practised and preached by most of the Lingayat maths in Karnataka today is in tune with Hindutva.

Maya and Dalits in Uttar Pradesh

While Mayawati is, all the way, a winner, the dalits have been the certain losers. The M?y? (illusion) of political power as the master key for their emancipation has proved to be a chimera.

Lawyers-Media-Police Clashes

When certain institutions of democracy start clashing with each other, an anti-democratic culture takes root and in the end it is the underprivileged who suffer. A recent example from Bengaluru.

India Dimmed

agree to a fiscal pact in December 2011 India Dimmed and to support a Greek restructuring plan gave the European Central Bank (ECB) cover to ignore the intentions of its Avinash Persaud founding fathers and act as a lender of When you are in a country suffering a decline of confi dence, a drying up of international capital flows and a weakening currency, its citizens tend to place all blame on the government. This is not entirely unfair. Even if the government is not directly to blame and even though confidence is a fickle thing, who else should take responsibility? The reality, though, is that external factors often play a role too and a change in the flows could also trigger a change in domestic confi dence. Few commentators like to dwell on that. They far prefer the delicious exercise of pointing fingers at local politicians and gossiping about the fate of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi.

Gujarat 2002 and Modi's Misdeeds

Ten years after the killings in Gujarat, Narendra Modi has neither expressed regret nor has he been held accountable for those mass deaths. Where do we go from here?

Anatomy of a Bank Failure

The public report of the investigation by the United Kingdom's Financial Services Authority into the failure and subsequent bailout of the Royal Bank of Scotland in 2008 highlights deficiencies in regulation and supervision as also failures in bank governance. The fsa report is essential reading for regulators as well as those at the helm of banking.


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