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Cadre for Management

February 15, 1969 If our industrial system in India has to progress, a great deal of responsibility lies with the management, particularly with professional management. Wherever management has ended up with a vacuum at the top, it is essential that the system be overhauled to install a 'management by objectives' system which will evolve towards the required hydraulic management system.

A System or a Sector

A System or a Sector? P R Dubhashi IS co-operation a distinct economic system based on its own principles or is it always destined to remain as a sector

Deadwood in Plenty

August 10,1968 trade and transport along with predominant manufacture, moderate industry along with predominant trade or service seem to have resulted in relatively high per cent increase in population.

Will Consumer Co-operatives Survive

society almost to the neglect of the lower strata. Accordingly, IITs as educational institutions seem to make only a limited contribution to social mobility.
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