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Our responsibility lies, not only in understanding the issues involved in the prevailing chastie conditions

starves people and (bureancratic) communism which resolves the economic problem but suppresses the liberties so greatly cherished by man." This dilemma facing revolutions can be resolved only by democratising the communist party from base upwards, by providing safeguards for the rights of dissenting minorities within the party

Agricultural Finance Corporation Limited

Agricultural Finance Corporation Limited THE following is the Statement of Shri V M Bhide, Chairman, Agricultural Finance Corporation Limited, at the Sixth Annual General Meeting of the Corporation on Friday, June 28, 1974:

Speech of the Chairman, Shri T S Santhanam

HIE following is the Speech of Shri T S Santhanam, Chairman Sundaram Finance Limited, at the Twentieth Annual General Meeting of the Company held on June 21, 1974 at Madras:

The Madras Aluminium Company Limited- Statement by the Managing Director, Shri R Venkataswamy Naidu

has readily come forward to meet our increased Power requirements. A formal sanction to this effect has also been obtained from the Government in April this year, In respect of water, the Company's Plant is assured of supplies of the necessary additional cusecs from the trail-race of the Tata Hydro-Power Station. Simultaneous action, in respect of each one of these items is being taken expeditiously so that the execution of the entire Expansion Scheme may be completed and commercial operations may be commenced by the beginning of the second quarter of

Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Limited-Statement of the Chairman, Mr Harish Mahindra

Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Limited Statement of the Chairman, Mr Harish Mahindra THE following is the statement of the Chairman, Mr Harish Mahindra to the Members on the occasion of the Eleventh Annual General Meeting of the Company held in Bombay on 25th June 1974:

Blue Star Limited-Speech of the Chairman, Shri B T Advani

Speech of the Chairman, Shri B T Advani saving is the speech of un, Chairman, Blue Star at the Twenty-fifth Annua! meeting of the Company held LADIES ANO GENTLEMENT :

Anglo French. Textiles Limited-Statement of the Chairman, Shri T S Krishna

lightened' guidance in affairs of the Company. I must also express my appreciation and gratitude to the employees of the Company at all levels for their loyalty and devotion to through which the country is passing- Without their co-operation our achievements would have beet! impossible. I am confident that the good industrial will enable us to move ahead.

Alembic Chemical Works Company Limited- Speech of the Chairman, Shri R B Amin-PRICE CONTROL IS REGRESSIVE GIVE MORE TO SOCIETY THAN WHAT YOU RECEIVE

about 8 million square of trolled varieties of cloth during the nine months of 1974. It is however expected that rebate earned through exports would to some extent mitigate the harsh impact, of this obligation on the Company's trading results for the on suing year.

Indian Bank

THE Board of Directors have pleasure in presenting the audited Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account for the year ended 31st December, 1973.

Kamani Engineering Corporation Limited

further accelerated during 1973. It was noticed that apart, from the attitudinal reorientation, credit officers required lot more technical skill to handle the variety of credit requests from the priority sectors, as also the highly specialised technique of financing the large-scale and petrochemical industries. A specially designed course, with particular reference to term lend- in^, foreign exchange operations, etc, was therefore initiated during the year. These courses were conducted in Bom- bay and Delhi also so as to integrate the environmental aspects into the technical skills of credit management. As many as 1,689 staff members of different cadre went through one or other type of training in the college during the year 1973.

Parry s Confectionery Limited-Statement of the Chairman. Mr H V R Iengar

Parry's Confectionery Limited Statement of the Chairman. Mr H V R lengar THE Nineteenth Annual Genera! Meeting of the Company was held on 18th March 1974 at Madras. In his circulated Statement, the Chairman, Mr H V R lengar, made the following points.


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