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Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited

intervention in the food market and there are already reports to that effect (see Times of India, November 17) private stock holding of food- grains might increase, for now the imputations about the future course of prices will be one-way, that they can only rise. Once prices start rising,. in- flationary expectations will be confirmed, further strengthening them. The government's efforts to prevent the reappearance of inflation by unloading its recently-acquired stocks might at best delay it somewhat and the price-dampening effect of the release of government stocks might neutralise the price- chancing effect of the rue in private stocks. Nevertheless, we might end-up with the curious outcome that the present intervention of the government in the food market, by arresting a fall in prices, might only result in a rise in private stocks rather than in public stock of foodgrains.

Jyoti Limited Baroda- Speech of the Chairman, Shri Nanubhai Amin

Speech of the Chairman, Shri Nanubhai Amin THE following is the Speech delivered by Mr Nanu B Amin, chairman, Jyoti Ltd, Baroda on the occasion of 32nd Annual General Meeting of the company held on 25th September 1975, at Baroda.

India Steamship Company Limited-Address of the Chairman, Mr K K Birla

October 4, 1975 which he shares the production uncertainty with the landlord" (p 64). Bagchi in his analysis has hardly gone beyond restating this obvious point.

Nirlon Synthetic Fibres and Chemicals Ltd

Regd : Office : Nirlon House, 254-B, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Bombay 400 025 Speech delivered by Shri Jaykrishna Harivallabhdas, Chairman, at 17th Annual General Meeting on the 30th September 1975.


September 27, 1975 (Central Statistical Organisation, March 1975), and "Press Note on Quick Estimates of National Income, 2 Please see "Deflation of National


Statement of Shri Ramdas Kilachand, Chairman, at the Nineteenth Annual General Meeting on 17th September 1975 To THE MEMBERS, I have great pleasure in welcoming ou all at this Nineteenth Annual Gcne- al Meeting of the Company.

Poysha Industrial Company Limited

cals and equipment, R & D work is being extended to diverse fields. Out Letter or Intent application for setting up a plant for manufacture of Vinyl Acetate Monomer and other related products is under the active consideration of the Government of India.

Indian Organic Chemicals Limited-Speech of the Chairman, Shri B M Ghia

Indian Organic Chemicals Limited Speech of the Chairman, Shri B M Ghia THE following is the text of the speech delivered by Shri B M Ghia, Chairman at the Annual General Meeting held on 27th August, 1975.

Hindustan Lever Limited-Distribution of Essential Commodities

Distribution of Essential Commodities Speech delivered by T Thomas, Chairman, at the Annual General Meeting of Hindustan Lever Limited, held at Bombay on Friday, 20th June, 1975.

Alembic Chemical Works Company Limited

Bombay, Government Central 13 Notification PHGN 10/1883 of 13 Notification PHGN 10/1883 of February 24, 1962 published in the Gazetteer dated March 1, 1962.

Parrys Confectionery Limited

Parrys Confectionery Limited Statement of the Chairman, Mr H V R Iengar THE Twentieth Annual General Meeting of the Company was held on March 31, 1975 at Madras. In his circulated statement, the Chairman, Mr H V R Iengar, made the following points.


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