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Dempo Steamships Limited

November 13, 1971 progress, resulting not from the passage of regulatory laws but from their misapplication to purposes clearly outside the intent and scope of the law.

Tata Chemicals Limited

Tata Chemicals Limited Statement by the Chairman, Mr J R D Tata THE following statement by Mr J R D Tata, Chairman of Tata Chemicals Limited, dealing with the Company's working for the year ended June 30, 1971 has been issued to the shareholders To The Members, THE YEAR'S WORKING Shareholders will, I hope, have noted from the annexed accounts that for the ninth year in succession the profits before tax were higher than in the previous year. With the project for the further expansion of our soda ash producing capacity from 600 to 1000 tonnes a day finally approved by Government, we may now look forward over the next three years, including the current one, to another period of growth towards significantly higher levels of production, turnover and profit.

Nirlon Synthetic Fibres and Chemicals Ltd

Besides, unresponsiveness or rigidity of the money-wage to the cost of living may itself augment the supply of labour force. In order to neutralise the impact of a rise in prices there may he a shift in the proportion of wage-earners; additional members of the family may now try to earn something. A rigidity in the money wage to the cost of living might therefore, bring a large influx of labourers to the project site -which in turn might further dampen the wage-elevating forces of demand.

The India Cements Limited-Speech of the Chairman, Rao Bahadur Ramjeedass Iyer

The India Cements Limited Speech of the Chairman, Rao Bahadur Ramjeedass Iyer THE following is the Speech of the Chairman, Rao Bahadur Ramjeedass Iyer, at the Twenty-fifth Annual General Meeting of The India Cements Limited, held at Madras on September FRIENDS ;

Unit Trust of India-Statement by the Chairman, Shri R S Bhatt

Statement by the Chairman, Shri R S Bhatt THE following arc extracts from the Statement by Shri R S Bhatt, Chairman, Unit Trust of India: The Unit Trust of India completed, as of June 30, 1971, its seventh year of operations and its accounts have been audited and published.

India Steamship Company Limited

India Steamship Company Limited Speech of the Chairman, Sir A Ramaswami Mudaliar THE following is the Speech of the Chairman, Sir A Ramaswami Mudaliar, KCSI, DCL (Oxon), delivered at the Annual General Meeting of the Share- holders of India Steamship Company Limited on September 23, 1971; GENTLEMEN, The Audited Accounts and the Directors' Report for the year ending 31st March, 1071, has been in your hand for sometime and with your permission I shall take them as read.

Indian Rubber Regenerating Company Limited

the Company and for their diligence in carrying out their duties I should like specially to thank the staff in Office in Calcutta whose devotion to duty wider the most difficult conditions has been highly commendable. Our thanks are also due to our Agents both in India and abroad for the care with which they have attended to our ships' requirements both in respect of freight and in other directions. Thanks are also due to the shippers both in India and overseas who have extended their continued and firm support to us.

Rural Electrification Corporation Limited

Address by the Chairman, Shri B Venkatappiah THE following is the Address by the Chairman, Shri B Venkatappiah, at the Second Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders held in New Delhi on September 22, 1971:

Statement by the Chairman, Shri T A Pai

THE following are the extracts from the Statement by Shri T A Pai, Chairman, at the One Hundred and Eighty- Second Meeting of the Members of the Life Insurance Corporation of India for the period April 1, 1970 to March

Premier Tyres Limited-Speech of the Chairman, Mr Chandrakant S Desai

September 11, 1971 needs of the large industries. The objective of rapid industrial growth in the, Small-Scale Sector and broadening the base of entrepreneurship, can thus be achieved not by denying but by encouraging the expansion and diversification of the companies which can do so by using their resources and expertise. Future of our industry as well as many other industries is therefore largely dependent upon to what extent we are allowed to play our role and whether to the best of our capabilities.

Polychem Limited-Statement by the Chairman, Shri Ramdas Kilachand

September 11, 1971 730 offices of the Corporation located throughout the length and breadth of the country, manned with an agency organisation spread over even to the smallest township, the LIC has to now establish itself as a very competent marketing organisation for all parts of the country. The prosperous and affluent farmers in the villages now provide a potential market for our message. New branches of the nationalised banks emerging in all parts of the country are gradually inculcating the savings habit among the people. These savings habits will indirectly provide a fertile ground for us also to sell life insurance. The Branches of the Banks will, moreover, be a facility for the rural policy-holders for remitting their premia to us. These welcome developments in the country will enable us not only to write more business but also to cover a large number of people.

The Fertilizer Corporation of India Limited-Speech of the Chairman, Mr H N Sethna

September 4, 1971 cal and managerial resources and dynamic operating personnel at all levels. This is our assurance against transitory malefic influences and of a steady upward trend transcending over the obstacles placed from time to time by clever people who now constitute the new priesthood of politicalised unionism. We continue to give concentrated attention to the augmentation of this pool.


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