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Detergents without Imports

NEGOTIATIONS arc under way between some leading units in the soap industry, the Government of India and an American firm, Atlantic Richfield, for establishing a project for manufacture of alkylate, an important raw material required for production of synthetic detergents. Alkylate is at present entirely imported and is thus a major constraint on the production and price of synthetic detergents

COTTON-Estimates Go Awry Again

fundamentalist party. In a political environment where parties keep splitting and politicians drift from one organisation to another, the Jamaat had remained a monolithic, tightly disciplined party with fanatically loyal cadres spread almost all over Bangladesh. Its students wing, the Chhatra Shibir, is a well-armed militant outfit which in the recent past has played a major role in terrorising political rivals. Generously supported by aid from the Gulf countries, the Jamaat has been steadily making inroads into the rural society of Bangladesh conjuring up the dream of an Islamic society that is supposed to solve once for all the problems of poverty and unemployment. Mosques built by Jamaat followers which dot the countryside have become centres of fundamentalist propaganda.

OILSEEDS-Breakthrough in Mustardseed

several times in the past with generous support from the CPI(M). This time, of course, he will have not only to stand on his own, but also to fight against the concerted opposition of the entire Left Front led by the CPI(M).

STOCK MARKET-Confidence Returning

climate convention. The New Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has come out with an exhaustively analytical report entitled Global Warming in an Unequal World: A Case of Environmental Colonialism which is a blow-by- blow rejoinder that counters effectively the accusations being made by the World Resources Institute report which, being backed by the UN, might well determine the drafting of the proposed global climate convention.

OIL SEEDS-Heat without Light

tech cart. While no doubt we must endeavour to design more efficient carts, it is equally important to either drain the morass or persuade the horse to walk out of it.

COTTON-Case for More Export

faces charges in over 100 cases which are being investigated by a commission consisting of judges. The government has already instituted two cases against him on charges of possession of illegal arms recovered from his residence and of unaccountable financial resources.

STOCK MARKET-Confidence Shaken

defiance of a police ban as they have done in several other French cities. In Spain the demonstrators were students and workers. There have been anti-war rallies in Britain, in eight Italian cities and massive protests in Pakistan and Bangladesh which have contributed men to the anti-Iraqi war effort.

OILSEEDS-No Policy Still

children. He is unconcerned that withdrawal of efforts to minimise mortality would mean an increase in morbidity; a reduction in preventive immunisation programmes would mean that more children will suffer from these diseases. While on the one hand child mortality would go up, or at least the decline in mortality rates would cease, it would also result in a sickly child population which having suffered from these diseases would be permanently debilitated, In addition, of course, there is the suffering that would be inflicted on the most vulnerable sections. This would also mean that the diseases will continue to exist in the population, nullifying the ultimate objective of immunisation, the elimination more or less of these diseases.

COTTON-Ad Hoc Approach to Exports

particularly the formerly Moscow- oriented communist parties, to propose broad coalitions or wide fronts on every plausible occasion. They, it seems, have forgotten the basic Marxist dictum that there is no golden rule for tactics which can take the place of a concrete analysis of a concrete situation.

STOCK MARKET-Unbridled Speculation

points to this. For the outcome of the referendum may not have left either party with any manoeuvrability. The government was also perhaps seeking a consensus among political parties not only on the merger issue but on the Tamil problem as well While it would be speculative to assess why the LTTE had decided on what amounted to a significant climb down from its earlier position, it is a fact that the Sri Lankan army operations had resulted in serious reversals for the group. However, these were still not of such a magnitude as to reduce the LTTE to a position weak enough to be forced to concede ground against its will. It would appear that LTTE's moves were well- planned with the reversals offering the right opportunity for putting them into practice.

OILSEEDS-Infrastructural Problems

threat to that of a reasonable and responsible partner in the management of global crises

COTTON-Uncertain Crop Forecasts

persecution. The Thai government has decided to deport some 10,000 illegal immigrants' to Burma. Some 700 had already been deported and are now held in detention by the Burmese army in the border town of Myawaddy. Some have been forcibly recruited by the army for porter service.


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