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Critique as a Way of Life

Religion as Critique: Islamic Critical Thinking from Mecca to the Marketplace by Irfan Ahmad, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2018; pp xxv + 270, ₹ 1,195.

Being Dalit

Caste Matters by Suraj Yengde, Gurugram: Penguin Random House India, 2019; pp 325, ₹ 599.

Indian Pharma Fraud and Beyond

Bottle of Lies: Ranbaxy and the Dark Side of Indian Pharma by Katherine Eban, Juggernaut, 2019; pp 512, ₹ 489 (hardcover).

Theatre and Politics of Safdar Hashmi

Halla Bol: The Death and Life of Safdar Hashmi by Sudhanva Deshpande, 2020; New Delhi: Leftword Books, pp 264 (price not indicated).

UPA Regime and Civil Society

Agitation to Legislation: Negotiating Equity and Justice in India by Zoya Hasan, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2018; pp 178, ₹ 675 .

The Lesser Known Life of a Hindi Journal in Colonial Lucknow

Hindi Publishing in Colonial Lucknow: Gender, Genre, and Visuality in the Creation of a Literary ‘Canon’ by Shobna Nijhawan, Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2018; pp xviii + 241, ` 1,050.

Soft Targets

Art Attacks: Violence and Offence-Taking in India by Malvika Maheshwari, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2018; pp x+372, ₹964, hardcover.

A Classic of Agrarian History

The Great Agrarian Conquest: The Colonial Reshaping of a Rural World by Neeladri Bhattacharya, Ranikhet: Permanent Black, 2018; pp 542, ₹1,040 (hardcover).

Rediscovering Tamil Jaina Identity

Reading History with the Tamil Jainas: A Study on Identity, Memory and Marginalisation by R Umamaheshwari, New Delhi: Springer, 2017; pp xxx + 326, price not indicated.

Indian Global Engagements

India and the World in the First Half of the Twentieth Century edited by Madhavan K Palat, Routledge, Oxon and New York, 2018; pp xi + 193, ₹ 695.

Myth of the ‘Muslim Vote Bank’

Siyasi Muslims: A Story of Political Islams in India by Hilal Ahmed, New Delhi: Penguin Viking, 2019; pp xxxi + 240, ₹ 599.

Belt and Road as a Strategic Initiative

Belt and Road: A Chinese World Order by Bruno Maçães, New Delhi: Penguin Random House, 2019; pp xii + 227, ₹ 599.


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