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Book Reviews

Book Reviews
Becoming Young Men in a New India: Masculinities, Gender Relations and Violence in the Postcolony by Shannon Philip, Cambridge, New York, Port Melbourne, New Delhi and Singapore: Cambridge University...
Scorching Love: Letters from Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to His Son Devadas edited and introduced by Gopalkrishna Gandhi and Tridip Suhrud, Oxford University Press, 2022; pp xxiii+492, `1,495.
The Idea of a University: Possibilities and Contestations edited by D V Kumar, London: Routledge India, 2021; pp 200, price not mentioned.
Handbook of Decentralised Governance and Development in India edited by D Rajasekhar, London: Routledge, 2022; pp 360, ` 1,595.
Electoral Dynamism of Indian Politics: Deciphering the Enigma by Bidyut Chakrabarty and Rajendra K Pandey, SAGE Publishing India, 2021; pp 348, ` 1,395.
Beyond Emasculation: Pleasure and Power in the Making of Hijra in Bangladesh by Adnan Hossain, Cambridge University Press, 2021; pp 236, price not mentioned.
The Living Mountain by Amitav Ghosh, HarperCollins India, 2022; pp xiii+35, ` 399 (hardcover). Entangled Lives: Human-Animal-Plant Histories of the Eastern Himalayan Triangle by Joy L K Pachuau and...
The Great Tragedy of India’s Partition by S S Sharma, Manohar Publishers, 2021; pp 554, ` 2,650.
Media and the Constitution of the Political: South Asia and Beyond edited by Ravi Vasudevan, New Delhi: Sage Spectrum Publications, 2022; pp xiii + 319, ` 795.
History and Theory of Knowledge Production: An Introductory Outline by Rajan Gurukkal, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2019; pp x + 308, ` 995.
Her Right to Equality: From Promise to Power edited by Nisha Agrawal, Penguin Random House India , 2021 ; pp 256, ` 699 (hardcover).
Bengal Muslims and Colonial Education, 1854–1947: A Study of Curriculum, Educational Institutions, and Communal Politics by Nilanjana Paul, Abingdon: Routledge, 2022; pp xii+ 103, ` 695 (paperback).
The Secular Imaginary: Gandhi, Nehru and the Idea(s) of India by Sushmita Nath, London: Cambridge University Press, 2022; pp 300, $99.99 (hardback).
Patching Development: Information Politics and Social Change in India by Rajesh Veeraraghavan, Oxford University Press, 2021; pp 254, £19.99.
Development, Neoliberalism, and Islamism in South Asia: The Case of Bangladesh by Mustahid M Husain, Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2022; pp xvii + 146, ¤117.69 (eBook).


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