@Article { Title = {A Fragile Polity}, Author = {}, Journal = {Economic and Political Weekly}, Year = { 1987}, Month = {18}, Number = { Issue No. 16}, Volume = {Vol. 22}, Abstract = { A Fragile Polity Skylark 284 Shahid Bhagatsingh Road Phones 266072/73 Grams Econweekly Editor Krishna Raj Assistant Editors Padma Prakash, Bernard D'Mello Editorial Staff K Vijayakumar, Cleatus Antony Gautam Navlakha (Delhi) Executive Assistant Editor M H Jadhav Advertisement Manager Meera Mohan WE have for long been told that the national interest at all times coincides exactly and precisely with what happens to suit the Congress party and more specifically the family which has provided dynastic leadership to it. In the last few weeks this equation has been further elongated. It has been suggested quite openly on behalf of the ruling party that attempts to uncover the details of funds illegally stashed away abroad by businessmen or of clandestine payments to shadowy go-betweens in connection with the government's arms purchases are not in the interest of the prime minister and his party and ipso facto of the country and therefore must be prevented }, Publisher = {Economic and Political Weekly}, Type = {Journal} }