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Branch Banking and Banking Growth, 1955-1968

 tution does not allow for its direct calculation. To evolve some estimation methods we, therefore, assume constant elasticity of substitution. No doubt, this type of assumption is a restriction on the form of production possibilities, but to arrive at some estimates we have to have the precise nature of the elasticity of substitution.

Regional Disparities, 1961-67

September 13, 1969 Between these two years, scientific manpower increased from 1307 to 2140, technical persons from 2064 to 3392, administrative staff from 818 to 1298 and class IV from 2570 to 4016.

Customers or Suckers

to be marketed next year. The Director' do not, however, anticipate any appreciable improvement in the company's working during the current year.

Penalising the Small Saver

 emanating from the commercially successful fields of gas as well as oil. Exploration and development account for a large chunk, about two-thirds, of the total costs in this industry.

Private Banks in Unflattering Light

December 2, 1967 are scions of jotedar families and the first policy indications given by the new ministers related to the abolition of levy and re-introduction of free-trade in foodgrains. One of the first acts of the new Government, alongside the arrest of more than three thousand UF supporters was the release of a big foodgrain trader who had been imprisoned by the previous regime for manipulation of the market.
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