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Limited Geopolitical Accommodation Benefits for India–China Relations

The nature of Sino–Indian interactions across five issue areas highlights that Delhi and Beijing have more overlapping interests than is generally recognised. Such an analytical exercise also reveals that South Asia is potentially the most contentious arena for India–China relations. A limited Sino–Indian geopolitical accommodation in the immediate neighbourhood is both viable and necessary to arrest the deterioration in the bilateral relationship in recent years and ensure regional stability.

A New China Engages India

The new China that has emerged in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008 is no longer passive or timid, but sees itself as a big power with a more strategic approach to its external environment. Retracing the ideological contest between reformers and leftists in China on the nature of the post-Maoist system, this article points out that New Delhi has to reassess the type of relationship it wants to build with its stronger and m ore self-assured northern neighbour.

The Ladakh Face-off

A window of opportunity may be opening up to resolve the border dispute between India and China. Unfortunately, Indian public opinion and a section of its strategic community seem ill-prepared to allow the government to take advantage of this. An assessment of the recent border incident between these two States illustrates the obstacles which have to be overcome.


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