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The Chongqing Event and Its Implications

The sudden removal of Bo Xilai from the post of secretary of the Communist Party of China in the Chongqing metropolis and his suspension from the CPC politburo and central committee points not just to a power struggle in the upper echelons of the party but also a rejection of the "Chongqing model" by the leadership. By itself, the Chongqing model was a redistributive, reformative programme that intended to address the failings of neo-liberalism, but its repression has united leftist opinion in favour of Bo Xilai.

The Chinese Agriculture Miracle Revisited

A large body of work has tried to attribute the remarkable growth of Chinese agriculture between 1979 and 1984 to the dismantling of collectives. This paper critically reviews the evidence and finds that decollectivisation did not contribute to agricultural growth in the early 1980s. In particular, its response to Lin (1992) challenges the consensus and argues that decollectivisation was largely irrelevant to the exceptional growth in this period. It is held that a more intensive application of modern inputs and favourable weather conditions accounted for most of the spurt in growth.

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