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Articles By Zaheer Baber

Climate Change and the Yellow Vest Movement

The Yellow Vest movement has been spreading from France to its neighbouring countries, as a response to the monstrous levels of inequality. Intellectuals on the left who have not been too impressed by the movement and want the overall transformation of neo-liberal capitalism should remember that when many parts of the world seem to be on the right-wing populist trajectory, any organised or deliberately non-organised movement can set off changes and effects in different, even unexpected, ways.

Said, Mills and Jargon

The transformation of insightful ideas into opaque, indecipherable sentences through the compulsive deployment of tortuous jargon is obviously not a new phenomenon. The emergence and popularity of fields such as certain strands of “postcolonial theory” and “cultural studies” have only injected a new life force to a chronic affl iction. Over half a century ago the debate over “bad writing” was addressed directly by the great American sociologist C Wright Mills. In addition to mercilessly lampooning jargon and providing “translations” from complex to plain English, he also offered a diagnosis of the institutional and social psychological factors that contributed to and sustained it.