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Towards an Alternative Agrarian Reform

The plantation industry in south India is in a state of deep economic crisis. There are secular and cyclical factors that account for the present state of the industry, although the former appears to be the more dominant. This is particularly true of the large plantation holdings of tea in south India, which unlike the small peasant tea holdings are unable to withstand the crisis. This essay argues for a major restructuring of the plantation sector, with special reference to the tea plantations in Tamil Nadu, through a process of labour empowerment based on contract farming.

Agrarian Problems of India-An East and Southeast Asian Perspective

Agrarian Problems of India An East and Southeast Asian Perspective Yujiro Hayami By further stepping up investment in irrigation, agricultural research and modern inputs, the agricultural growth rate in India can be raised from the present 25 per cent to the target of 4 per cent in the medium term. If government policies are reoriented to reduce excess intervention in the market mechanism and to assist collective actions by rural people more appropriately to promote their own initiative, agricultural growth performance will improve further.

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