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Caste and Politics

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Indian Council of Social Science Research-Its Promise and Dilemmas

Even the purely descriptive chapter on the machinery for redress of grievances in the States is extremely vague and sketchy. To give only two examples: on page 115, where the agencies which deal with complaints of corruption have been described, one gets the impression that only Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan have Vigilance Commissions. Similar Commissions were set up in a number of other States like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh following the Union Go vernment's acceptance of the Santha- nam Committee's recommendations. On page 111 it is pointed out that the Government of Rajasthan has a Directorate of Public Grievances to enquire into cases of delay and inefficiency in administration. The Directorate was wound up in April 1967. Surely the author could have checked on such factual information while revising the survey report for publication.

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