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Rio Minus Five-UNGASS A Return to Realism

UNGASS: A Return to Realism Yash Tandon S Ananthakrishnan The UN General Assembly Special Session to review the progress made on the agreements arrived at the Rio Summit in 1992 represented in many ways a return to realism after the heady days of Rio, This also meant that the north-south divide which had been so admirably kept under surface at Rio and in the various preparatory meetings loomed large virtually derailing the Rio process and obstructing negotiations on major issues.

Political Economy of Struggles for Democracy and Human Rights in Africa

and Human Rights in Africa Yash Tandon Western popular and journalistic literature, often ascribe the quite evident failure of bourgeois democracy in Africa to the 'African' tendency towards dictatorship and one-partyism, or simply tribalism. African politicians on the other hand, argue that it is the European 'democrats' who for a century or more smashed all existing pre-colonial institutions and practices of tribal democracy and instituted unbridled authoritarian rule. Some African countries turned to the Soviet Union and China for a different model of democracy, only to learn that in later years what existed in practice was yet another variant of dictatorship. For AfricaJherefore, there are no more models of democracy. For once African masses must work out their own system of governance.

Good MPLA vs Evil UNITA

paper 'Income-Housing Linkages', op cit. 4 It was interesting to find that very tew ragpickers belonged to the poorest of the urban poor, 5 Family characteristics and absolute poverty are discussed in the third paper (forthcoming Study of pavement Dwellers of Calcutta - Family Characteristics of the Urban Poor'.
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